History Taking

It often helps to look at a skin problem before you get a history and examine it in more detail.

The assessment may be obvious.

General History

Get general history of present illness by asking the following questions:

  1. How did the probelm start? Did it start as an insect bite, an injury, a scratch, a pimple, etc.?
  2. What is the problem like now?
  3. Where exactly is the skin problem?
  1. What does it feel like? Is there any pain, itching or burning?
  2. If itching, is the itching worse at certain times of the day or night?
  3. What makes it better or worse?
  4. Hot water, sweating, eating certain foods, wearing certain kinds of clothing?
  5. Does patient have other skin problems, such as :swelling of skin (edema)? If so, where?
  6. History of skin disease?

Recent history:

  1. If rash, has patient used something on the skin that may irritate or cause allergic reaction?Examples: medicines: spray, powder, cream?
  2. a new soap?
  3. a commercial chemical?
  4. new clothing?

Past Health History

  1. Illnesses:
  2. Asthma?
  3. Hay fever?
  4. Kidney disease?
  5. Diabetes?
  6. Allergies? If so:
  1. Medicines: what medicines is the patient taking now?
  2. Immunizations:

1.3 Other History

  1. Does patient have any other complaints, such as: