Organizational Charter
The Society's Objectives
Encourage members to share a data description language which facilitates access to dermatology information resources by common application programs and promotes uniform access to dermatology educational materials for Society members.

Provide an Internetworked gateway for dermatology and the closely associated fields of, dermatologic surgery, dermatopathology and immunodermatology. Accordingly, the IDS will assist colleagial societies and patient advocacy groups to use the Internet.

Develop an information management infrastructure which encourages the integration of shared experience and relevant empirical studies in clinical decision making, in part by cataloging Interneted resources relevant to the practice of dermatology.

Promote a comprehensive Internetworkable dermatologic electronic record that facilitates improvements in the quality of patient care while at the same time reducing its costs. All efforts should be made to provide for the standardization of digital formats between dermatology and other branches of medicine.

Create and maintain a database of online dermatologists to allow for a variety of applications, such as the triage of academic and case materials, provision of a clearinghouse for information regarding insurance company reimbursement and provide online credentialing services for dermatologists through the use of digital imaging of scanned documents and online electronic forms.

Enhance organizational democracy in dermatology through the use of full membership online business meetings and voting mechanisms and share this experience with other dermatology organizations.


Membership is open to any scientist or doctoral candidate whose work has relation to investigative dermatology or cutaneous biology and any physician or medical student with an interest in skin diseases or allied subjects.


Members may hold elective office, serve on committees, vote at Society issues, sponsor new members, access all online publications of the Society and attend all meetings.


Meetings of the Society will take place through online conferences. Committee work shall be accomplished through electronic mailing lists.

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